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Civil Matters

How do I decide where I should file my claim?

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Georgia law requires that you file your case in the county in which the defendant (the party you are filing the claim against) resides. This requirement is referred to as "venue."
  • When suing an individual, including a person operating a business as a sole proprietor, the proper venue is the county where the defendant resides.
  • When suing a business that operates as a partnership, the suit should be filed in the county in which at least one of the owners resides.
  • When suing a corporation, the suit should be brought in the county which the corporation has designated with the Secretary of State as its registered office.
The name and address of a registered agent can be verified by checking online at the Secretary of State website at If the suit will name more than one defendant, you can file your case in any county in which venue would be proper for at least one of the defendants, if they are jointly and severally liable. You are responsible for deciding where to file suit.

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