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DeKalb County Magistrate Court Civil Issues

Civil Matters

If I file my case in this court in error, will I get a refund of the fees that I paid?

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If you file a case in a Magistrate Court that does not have jurisdiction or where venue is improper, there are remedies available to you that do not involve a refund of fees to you. Upon request from you to the Court, a judge can order the case to be transferred to a court that does have jurisdiction. This frequently occurs where a defendant cannot be found for service in DeKalb County and is determined to live in another county. There is no additional fee for transfer of the case to a Magistrate Court in another county but the Uniform Magistrate Court Rule 36.3B will require that you pay service fees if the case has not been served so that the clerk can send the service fees with the transferred case to the new court. There is a fee for the transfer of a case to State Court or Superior Court.

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