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Garnishments: What are the most common types of garnishment?

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Continuing Garnishments
Continuing Garnishments are filed against a person's place of employment and last for 179 days or until the garnishment is satisfied, whichever comes first. 25% of the defendant's "take-home" pay will be attached each month. If the debt is not paid within that time, a new garnishment will have to be filed to collect the remaining balance.

Regular Garnishments/Summons of Garnishment
Regular Garnishments are typically filed against a bank, credit union, brokerage firm, former employer, or business that owes the judgment debtor/defendant money. This filing will capture the amount you file for or whatever might be in the account or owed at that time. E.g. if you name a defendant's bank as the garnishee, the bank is required to send to the Court everything in the account or whatever you file for.

Alimony and Child Support Garnishments
Alimony and Child Support Garnishments are used to capture the periodic support for a family member; alimony in the case of the awarded spouse, and child support in the case of children. The defendant must be behind at least one month's court-ordered support before a garnishment can be filed. 50% of the defendant's "take-home" pay will be attached. A support garnishment has no termination date; it lasts until a zero balance is reached, indicating that the defendant has become current on payments.

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