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DeKalb County Magistrate Court Misdemeanor Mental Health Court

Misdemeanor Mental Health Court

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Mr. J

"A very good participant" accurately describes Mr. J during his time in the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court. Early on in his enrollment in the MMHC, Mr. J had a few challenges. He, however, overcame those challenges fairly quickly and thereafter worked flawlessly with Bedford "Chip" Forte, his case-manager.

Mr. J is 26 years old, soft-spoken, African-American, and college educated. He experienced his first psychotic episode as a college student. With support of family and friends, he continued his education towards a degree in mechanical engineering, a very challenging major. Subsequent life challenges resulted in other mental health crises that lead to Mr. J's unfortunate arrest. Mr. J entered the MMHC in November 2011 and began a new path to overall wellness that now includes life as an artist. Of his experience in the MMHC, Mr. J remarked, "Thank you MMHC for the opportunity…the program gave me a second chance…" At his final review and completion hearing, Mr. J shared some of his art and poetry with the MMHC and granted authorization to the MMHC to publish some of it as well.

Stay tuned to this budding artist! His case-manager says, "After viewing his art and reading some of his poems, he is a talented person and that should take him a long way in life." Mr. J is indeed talented and smart, and we congratulate and applaud his success today and tomorrow!

Mr. J's Art & Poetry

A Rising Dove
My soul is a dove
Chasing the heavens
Limitless in its pursuit
Rising from the darkest depths
Don't let me fall
Gliding for glory
I brace for the winds of success
Lifted by the air of salvation
Dodging clouds of despair
Floating in vapors of dreams
Sunlight paves my future
Brighter than the brightest lights of glamour
The golden hue reflects in my wings
Blinding haters
Welcoming seekers of peace, and passion
I wear armored feathers
Withstanding the enemies slings and arrows
Transcending the atmosphere of the worldly
Rising to my destiny among the stars

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