Nuisance Abatement

Nuisance and abatement is the next step beyond initial Code Enforcement procedures. When Code Enforcement is unable to alleviate the housing issues by regular channels, it moves to this remedy.

One of the purposes of nuisance and abatement is to prevent neighborhood blight that arises from poorly maintained property. Nuisance and abatement provides a way to require the owner of a building or structure (which is: deemed unfit for human use and habitation, a danger to safety, or otherwise unfit to repair) to demolish the building or structure.

The Process:

A public officer or at least five (5) residents of DeKalb County must make a complaint in writing. Then the officer investigates the structure. If the officer determines the building is dangerous/unsanitary/unsafe or not in code compliance or is vacant, the officer can issue a citation. This citation states when a hearing will be held. The officer can also issue an official complaint.

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