Misdemeanor Mental Health Court

About the MMHC

The Misdemeanor Mental Health Court (MMHC), formerly the Diversion Treatment Court, is a pre-plea and post-plea Accountability Court for individuals charged with a misdemeanor or ordinance offense in DeKalb County, with a verifiable mental health diagnosis. With successful completion of the Court, the sentence will be vacated, charges dismissed, and the record restricted. While in MMHC, a Participant will be required to attend court appearances, mental health treatment appointments, therapeutic group sessions, undergo random drug screens, comply with medication adherence, while reporting to a case manager and adhering to an individualized treatment plan.

Judge Rhathelia Stroud is the presiding judge of the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court. She has served as presiding judge for the past eleven years, and also served as the court’s director for seven years. Judge Stroud has been a Magistrate for thirteen years.

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