Misdemeanor Mental Health Court

The Misdemeanor Mental Health Court (MMHC), formerly the Diversion Treatment Court, is the longest running mental health court of its kind in Georgia.  Established in 2001 as a pre-plea diversion program, the MMHC is currently a pre-plea and post-plea state certified accountability court.  In the MMHC, defendants agree to comply with a structured case-management plan designed to meet their individual needs.  The case-management plan includes a treatment plan that is developed by the court’s social workers, reviewed and discussed with the team and approved by the judge.

Judge Rhathelia Stroud is the presiding judge of the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court.  She has served as presiding judge for the past nine years, and also served as the court’s director for seven years.  Judge Stroud has been a Magistrate for eleven years.