Garnishments – Helpful Hints


To speed up the garnishment process, please make sure you review all of the garnishment forms to select the correct package for filing. If you are using your own forms, they must substantially conform to the state-mandated garnishment forms to be accepted by the Clerk of Court. Incomplete forms may be rejected and/or it could take more time to process. Accordingly, when filing out garnishment forms, please pay attention to following:

Please read the entire form before filling it out.

Failure to fill out the form completely (including circling everything and filling in every blank) may result in a rejected filing. Specifically, do not forget to fill in the following:

  1. Personally appeared ________ [the name of the filer/affiant must be printed on the blank];
  2. Circle the correct identifier; are you the plaintiff, attorney for plaintiff, or agent for plaintiff;
  3. Fill in all the blank spaces for the principal amount owed, court costs, etc.; and
  4. Include the balance due.

Do not forget to date the Affidavit.

Make sure the balance due on the summons of garnishment and affidavit of garnishment match.

Make sure you are using the correct service of process forms. Failure to use the correct service of process forms or failure to provide proof of service will prevent any payouts.

In addition, if you have prepared the forms using your own template, please pre-print the name of the Clerk of Court (R. Javoyne Hicks ) and the name of the Chief Magistrate (Hon. Berryl A. Anderson) in the appropriate blanks.

Additional information is provided in our “FAQ” section.